self therapy

I deserve peace and serenity. I deserve happiness and no sadness. I deserve care and loyalty. I deserve all the positive vibes. But before from someone else, I deserve all of this from my own self. I need to give myself a proper cuddle before I need from someone else. I need self love, self care, self adoration and today I try to make a plan of trying my best to give myself the dose of self love.

At times, we feel abandoned by others, unknowingly, that we have abandoned ourselves in the pursuit of someone else. It’s okay cause the epiphany has to have struck. That realization will do everything.

Treat yourself.

Love yourself.

Nourish yourself.



Non sense rants

Ordinary humans falling for ordinary humans considering each other extraordinary.

we come.

We interact.

We attract.

We talk.

We know.

We think.

We consider.

We like.

We intrigue.

We express.

We share love.

Reality sucks.

Reality tells about the delusion of grandeur you are deeply into.

We depart.

In reality, you and I.

Are nothing.


Of flesh and bones.

Of feelings and emotions.

Of temperament and desires.

We are nothing.

No special.

Merely humans.

We get obsessed and possessive of others who are not even ours and while in reality they’re merely humans, mediocre ones.

Yet we think they are some kind of mesmerizing beauties we long for and crave for even tho they’re just like us ordinary pieces of flesh and bones with temporary attraction and beauty.

enough good but not so good enough

we often think that no matter what we do that is not enough. The good of course I’m talking about. We don’t realize it that there may come some days where you do far more destruction to your life than you’re actually doing. We think we are wretched and ruined barely carrying ourselves in this very busy ongoing life. We don’t feel that the very next moment can be far more devastating. Because you never know.


You’re not doing justice with yourself you think but maybe there’s something good that you’re doing, little but worthy. You don’t realize it. It’s okay. It’s natural. The more good we do, the more good we want to do, the less we feel satisfied. If you say that you’re not doing good with your studies, or say your connection with Allah, remember that this realization is also a form of goodness per se.

Ever gone into a situation where you thought you’re just being cruel to yourself and feel empty but somedays later, that cruelty and emptiness increases even more and that epiphany hits you hard that all that time when you were thinking you’re empty and cruel, you were not. You were kind to yourself. you were filled up but that was merely your lonely mind giving you pointless pondering.

what to do?

Just be grateful in every situation, the good, the bad. The time you feel empty and cruel to yourself, the time you think you’re not doing enough good to your being. Say Alhamdulilah. Because you never know when the situation gets worst. Who knows?

So where are you going?

Where does the energy and all passion go? I planned so much to do in this month yet all I’m doing is just observing my obligations. I planned of being the most peaceful soul yet I’m feeling chaotic as hell. I planned I’ll gain as much knowledge as can yet all I’m doing is typing this post. I planned of keeping myself happy by keeping my Allah happy yet all I’m doing is being more sad. Where does the energy and all passion go? 1/3 of Ramadan has passed yet I’m feeling no change in myself. Am I a lie to myself? Am I supposed to call myself a hypocrite?


Words are everything. They can break you. They can heal you. They can degrade you. They can uplift you. They can destruct you. They can build you. They can cause you to flow tears. They can cause you to smile. They can sadden you. They can help you. They can squeeze you. They can mould you. They can betray you. They can defend you. They can disturb you. They can calm you. They can ruin your day. They can make your day.

They can do anything, please be good at words.